JUNE 2012


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    Did you know that your dogs and cats are just like you when it comes to the importance of dental health? Surprisingly enough, many pet owners overlook just how important a dental treatment is when they get their pets groomed. You may ask yourself, how can I tell if my dog or cat has dental issues? Usually a good indication is the obvious oneā€¦ The occurrence of bad breath. Unfortunately, that isn’t always an accurate method of determining a possible issue.

    To get an idea if your pet has a dental problem I suggest checking:

    1. Discolored or cracked teeth. The teeth should look off-white and healthy. This can be difficult if you are not used to opening your pets mouth. Your pet stylist can usually take a look at the dog or cats mouth at your next grooming and let you know of any issues that may be occurring.
    2. Check your pets gums. If they are swollen and bleeding or even white and infected looking, you need to get the issue resolved immediately.
    3. If your pet is suffering from tooth loss, check with your vet as soon as possible.

    Now that you know what to look for, what can you do to prevent your pets dental issues?

    1. Make sure that your groomer takes a look at your pets teeth and brushes them at every visit to the pet salon.
    2. Be proactive and try to brush your pets teeth. This may not be an easy task if you are inexperienced at it. Sometimes it is better to leave it up to a professional.
    3. Be proactive and monitor any telltale signs of an issue.

    Neglecting this important part of your petss health can result in deadly diseases to their liver, kidneys and heart. It may be some extra work, but isn’t a loved member of your family worth it?