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    Did you know that your dogs and cats are just like you when it comes to the importance of dental health? Surprisingly enough, many pet owners overlook just how important a dental treatment is when they get their pets groomed. You may ask yourself, how can I tell if my dog or cat has dental issues? Usually a good indication is the obvious one… The occurrence of bad breath. Unfortunately, that isn’t always an accurate method of determining a possible issue.

    To get an idea if your pet has a dental problem I suggest checking:

    1. Discolored or cracked teeth. The teeth should look off-white and healthy. This can be difficult if you are not used to opening your pets mouth. Your pet stylist can usually take a look at the dog or cats mouth at your next grooming and let you know of any issues that may be occurring.
    2. Check your pets gums. If they are swollen and bleeding or even white and infected looking, you need to get the issue resolved immediately.
    3. If your pet is suffering from tooth loss, check with your vet as soon as possible.

    Now that you know what to look for, what can you do to prevent your pets dental issues?

    1. Make sure that your groomer takes a look at your pets teeth and brushes them at every visit to the pet salon.
    2. Be proactive and try to brush your pets teeth. This may not be an easy task if you are inexperienced at it. Sometimes it is better to leave it up to a professional.
    3. Be proactive and monitor any telltale signs of an issue.

    Neglecting this important part of your petss health can result in deadly diseases to their liver, kidneys and heart. It may be some extra work, but isn’t a loved member of your family worth it?


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    Hello Everybody! I just wanted to take some time to tell everybody about my fancy new mobile grooming van. You may have already noticed it at the top up the website with Rocky. I like to call it my pet spa on wheels! The new truck is very spacious, and there really is nothing like the “new grooming vehicle” smell.  I’m looking forward to giving everyone tours of the grooming area and showing off all of the new equipment that I will be using on their beloved dogs and cats.

    In case you have never heard of this method of pet care, I have listed my “Top 5 Benefits of Mobile Pet Grooming” for you to consider before you go to your current salon.

    1. Convenience
      I drive to your residence! This means you’ll never need to rearrange your hectic schedule to fit in your pet’s grooming appointment.
    2. Piece of Mind
      Your pet will receive one-on-one grooming with my undivided attention throughout the entire visit. This is especially important if your pet is older and doesn’t enjoy the trip to the groomer.
    3. Reduces Stress
      Some animals get separation anxiety when you leave to take them to the salon. Then, once you get them there, they have to sit in a kennel around other barking dogs. Mobile grooming makes the experience less stressful and more enjoyable for your pet.
    4. No Cage Drying
      No longer will your furry friend be stuck in a cage being force air dried. The Parkway Pawlor fluff dries your pet by hand. This is better for the pet and prevents overheating.
    5. Clean and Sanitary Grooming Area
      Your pet will be serviced in a freshly cleaned state of the art vehicle. This eliminates the possibility for them to come into contact with any parasites or illness.

    Well, would you look at that? 5 reasons to pick of the phone and give me a call! I understand if you’re already booked for your next appointment, just think about the Parkway Pawlor when you are packing up your dirty pet into your clean car.The summer grooming season is filling up quickly, make sure that you call me soon at 913-302-6622 to set up your next grooming appointment!


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    Summer is just around the corner. Along with the opening of the local swimming pool, the last day of school and the sound of the local ice cream truck, the warm weather delivers flea season to our pets and eventually our living areas. The unusually warm winter and bizarre steamy days of early spring that the Kansas City area experienced was a special treat to some of us. Unfortunately, the weather has jump started our flea season.

    A majority of pet parents don’t realize it, but a year-round monthly application is necessary to stay on top of these nasty parasites. The leading brand names Advantage®, Advantix® and Frontline® are usually available at your pets veterinary clinic. Although it sounds easy, even with the diligent monthly applications of flea preventatives, the Parkway Pawlor still receives calls from pet owners with flea problems.

    Your pet licking and biting at areas on their body with raised pink dots in clusters is often a sign suggesting that fleas, larvae and/or eggs has set up camp. To combat these unwelcome parasites, the Parkway Pawlor applies an appropriate flea shampoo to obstruct the reproduction cycle of the fleas and eradicate adult fleas that exist. Unfortunately, this is only the first step in fighting off these parasites. The second stage of this battle against fleas will take place in any living ares that may be infested. Just think, for every flea found on your pet, there are even more reproducing in your home.

    Treating your home will involve using hazardous foggers or spray insecticides. These products will be needed to kill the eggs that are lurking in your furry friend has been laying around. These areas include carpet, bedding, and upholstery. If your pet is both an indoor and outdoor animal, another good idea is to treating the outside property. Outdoors, you need to treat only flea breeding sites such as bedding areas, the ground under decks and shrubbery, and wherever pets spend a lot of time. Well maintained lawns in sunny sites are unlikely to harbor many fleas.

    Don’t ignore the signs of an infestation. The earlier you jump on the problem the easier (and cheaper) it is to treat. Give me a call at 913-302-6622, and we will come up with a plan to stay on top of these nuisances that make both you and your pet miserable. Have a great summer!